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Vampire Slayer Emoji App
Dystopia Chronicles #1 Horror Comic App
Teen Wolfie iMessage Stickers/GIFs
In every generation there is a chosen one…
For the millions of Buffy fans out there, keeping the Buffyverse alive all these years. You can now go one step further…You can be the chosen one! 
Express and experience yourself as a Slayer and share those much loved quotes with a variety of custom sizeable emojis and stickers to share your texts, tweets, Facebook and WhatsApp messages in Slayer style!

The Dystopia Chronicles is an interactive horror comic app that tells a fantastical horror story through still comic panels, animation, sound & games straight to your iPad!​​​
A dark dimension called Dystopia is a place full of dark creatures and demons that are crossing over into our world. This episode is based around the main character Max Dresden, a detective that encounters the horrifying aftermaths of these creatures through his investigations. There is a vast intricate underlying storyline which you’ll get to unravel through each of the episodes…We can’t give it all away!
ARH-WOOOO!!! - Get your teeth in to this fun animated Teen Wolfie iMessage sticker pack that will have your friends howling with laughter.​​​
Wolfie might be small in stature but he's big on attitude. One minute he's Disco Dancing the next Howling at the Moon!
Let him loose today to see what mischief he will get himself into on your iPhone!